My take on Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m all over the board when it comes to my protein shakes. I used to be really strict with what I ate, just because I knew that being really consistent was the easiest way for me to stay in shape. I even got sponsored by PlantFusion, which is a great option for those looking for a protein powder.


I don’t know if you’ve ever had them, but they’re amazing. The shakes are really thin, without getting to thick or clumpy, and the flavor’s really nice and light. I’m a pretty big fan of that right now. Probably mostly because I got sponsored by them, which is originally what started me on them, but I’m really a big fan now. Genuinely.

You will often find them at the fitness trade shows and all the festivals. They’re really active with promotion.

When I’m not drinking the regular protein shakes, I do like to do raw protein because it’s really good for your body. Your body can assimilate that protein a lot easier than a processed protein that’s been through heat. It’s good to do that when you can so I’ll use Sunwarrior, or Garden of Life and I’m a big fan of Warrior Force also. Like I said, I’m all over the board. I have different reasons for all of them that I love.

I am protein junkie.

Finding a Fitness Coach Who Understand Supplements

That leads to a question that I would love to address. Before I became the specimen I am now (har har), I had been on and off going to the gym, working out, really stumbling and finding my way in the dark. A friend of mine back in my home town became like my fitness Yoda by phone, as far as coaching me through my workouts and what to eat. As a fitness freak, he had learned how to translate what he does to stay fit and maintain a healthy diet. I go a lot of helpful info from him but I have to say it’s been now about 14 months for me consistently going to the gym. I’m patting myself on the back here because I had never been able to do that before getting a fitness coach.

Now, I go to the gym consistently more than 9 or 10 times a week. Even though I always get bored, or sick, or disinterested or preoccupied with something else. Then I just stop with the exception of a month or two where I fell off the wagon a little. If I’m really in it to win it, I’m always able to motivate myself to get back to the gym. Having a mentor helps tremendously with this. And I couldn’t do it without hime.

A lot of the old habits try to come back, whether it’s a question of running or whether it’s just being chemical free and natural. A lot of old habits will start tempting me. That’s when I call my coach and then start to feel like I want to accelerate my results.