Advice on Vegan / Vegetarian Diet

Doctor’s advice on diet

I think it’s very interesting that my doctor told me to drop the dairy. It’s funny. The last time I got very sick was when I first moved to California. I got the flu–one of the worst flues I ever had in my life. The doctor said, “Don’t eat any dairy,” which was weird because I’d never had a doctor say that to me before. Really knocked me out that a doctor was recommending this kind of diet change. He didn’t even know I was into working out.

It was definitely refreshing to hear that from doctors, since it seems like that’s such a point of conflict in the medical community. It’s kind of nice to hear doctors are making the connection between our health and what we eat.

I do think that dairy is bad for you. It’s basically this thing that everybody can’t deny anymore. Not even doctors.

Eating Healthy to Support Fitness

I’m obviously an incredibly athletic person. I’m aware on an hourly basis that I need to eat to support my workout and training goals. I’ll try to give you an idea of what my daily consumption is and what I eat on an average day.


When I’m not getting ready for a race, I always start my morning with some oats. I’ll do a little bit of nut or oat milk with it. I like cinnamon so I throw a lot of cinnamon in there and some berries, usually strawberries or blueberries. I always have a protein shake. If I’m not terribly hungry, I might start with just a banana and a protein shake and then stick another something to eat in my bag while I’m at the gym.

Then I go to the gym. When I come home, I immediately have a protein shake. I’m kind of protein shake heavy just because I’m trying to put on muscle. That may not be practical for everybody else but having a protein shake after working out is ideal for anyone that’s working out.

Then, my lunch usually consists of something like a sweet potato with veggies and avocado. I really like doing little veggie stir fries. I don’t cook with oil so I just basically blanch everything with a little bit of water, get the flavors in there and do onions and garlic and ginger and carrots and kale.

I’m a big fan of kale.

Then, somewhere in the afternoon, maybe 2 or 3 hours after lunch, I have a fruit and a rice cake with peanut butter. Later, I have another snack where I might have fruit or fruit and veggies.

Dinner is usually similar to lunch. I might do quinoa veggies and tofu or tempeh or seitan or the sweet potato or brown rice or something like that but I do definitely try to stick with a complex carbohydrate. I need something that my body can slower process through and make sure I get lots of veggies in there because that’s what makes our bodies happy.

So, that’s a pretty typical day for my diet. As far as drinks go, I just drink a lot of water. Lately I’ve been addicted to those KeVita drinks with probiotics.

They’re delicious. I love Kombucha but the KeVita’s nice because it doesn’t have as many carbs in there, not that everybody else cares all the time about carbohydrates. Right now, I’m supposed to be getting ready for a huge race. It’s really nice to have something I can still drink and be on my diet. Those are my new addiction.

On the other hand, I feel like I get drunk when I drink Kombucha so I don’t like it for that reason. I’ll have a little bit and I’ll feel a little drunk and I don’t like it.

I’m obviously sensitive to it and I know some of them have higher alcohol percentages, too.