Workouts and Protein

I know what I do is a little different than what the average person working out does. I think that the most important thing is making sure you’re getting enough nutrition at the right time, in the right amount into our body. That can mean different things to different people. For example someone lifting weights is going to need a lot more protein than someone doing serious running.


There’s going to be differences, but essentially we all need the same vital nutrients. A huge part of that is knowing your own body. Regardless of your workout, a protein shake afterwards is almost always a good idea.

On the other hand, I know plenty of people who do workouts without protein afterward. Actually a friend of mine who is into whole foods would never drink a protein shake because it doesn’t come from whole food. Instead, he juices a lot. He doesn’t use protein powders, just real food and he looks great.

I don’t want to say everybody should go with the mix, but some form of protein is a must.

There is so much to know and so much to learn. I think for someone who just wants to get started working out, a simple shake is an easy way to get into it. Most people starting out just need encouragement. They need to know they’re not wasting their time at the gym and that everything they’re doing is effective toward achieving their fitness goals.

Where can you go online for this information?

A huge source of workout and nutritional information is the website. That’s where I got started on my workout education. Surprisingly, the Whole Foods grocery store carries several magazines that are specific to nutrition through fitness and eating well.

You can usually find recipes and interviews and things in those magazines from all the major competitors. You also get examples of key workouts and examples of effective diets. A lot of serious bodybuilders have websites or Facebook pages. Those can also be great sources of information when you’re getting started.

In the next post, I’m going to answer questions I commonly get in email or from Facebook. I get loads of questions, so I can’t possibly cover them all. But, when I find one that speaks to my fitness and health audience I will try to answer it for everyone’s benefit.

Stay tuned