Working Out Again and my new Zit

Once upon a time, in a land far, far a girl named me woke up and said, “You know what? I am going to put my gym clothes on tomorrow. Not today, tomorrow and I’m going to walk to the gym.” It’s about 7, 8 blocks from my apartment.

“I’m going to walk to the gym and I’m going to touch the door and I’m going to walk back home.”

Nina Mathews
Nina Mathews

For that next day, that was my fitness goal to suit up for the gym, walk to the gym, touch the door and go back. I figured, it’s not quite going to the gym and it’s not quite sitting on the couch. It’s like right in between. I actually ended up going in and doing 9 minutes on a treadmill just for the sake of saying, “I did it.”

The wonderful thing for me is when I go to the gym today, I feel like in the next couple of days, “All right, I got to get back. I got to get back. It’s been 2 days. It’s been 3 days.” If I’m just not going, then I don’t care but if you go today, you will feel like you got to get back there. You’ll just need your fix.

I don’t even have a membership to a gym or anything. I’m just working so many long hours, it feels impossible but there’s no way I can’t squeeze in a little bit of exercise.

If I was going to do nothing else for my fitness, I would just go for a little 20 minute jog 2 or 3 times a week. I’d do something 2 or 3 times a week for my abs, whether it’s Ab Ripper X from the P90x series or YouTube and typed in “Ab routine,” and I found some really cool videos. Just doing a little 20 minutes of jogging twice a week and abs twice a week. That’s really all a body needs to maintain some level of health and fitness.

Honestly. If you get a little cardio 3 times a week, you’re doing better than 99% of the population. That’s an enormous improvement over doing nothing. That’s great.

That’s enough to start getting back into shape and creating a healthier lifestyle that will change your health and your longevity. Even just 20 minutes on a little machine. It can be life changing. If you don’t even have access to a machine, I used to just roll out of bed.

You can go running or just taking some stairs somewhere. Do some jumping jacks or get on your bike and ride.

Instead of leaving your house to do 20 or 30 minutes of exercise and then coming back and getting ready for work, make the time to leave for work 20 or 30 minutes early and walk that day. Boom, there’s your cardio. There’s always a way to work it in.

If I work 60 hours, it’s the least I’m working. It’s crazy. I’ve never worked this much in my life. It’s insane. Luckily, I’m not sitting at work all day. That is good. I am running around and picking up heavy children. They’re not fat or anything. I didn’t mean to say it like that but they are not as light as they were. When I first met them, they were 4 pounds each. They are no longer 4 pounds each.

Acne Treatment

I have a monster zit basically living deep, deep, deep … You know those ones that it’s not even out. No one can even see it but I can feel it. The cherry zit. Like a pit under the skin.

After you wash your face or after you get out of the shower and your skin is all warm and the pores are open, just take a drop of the Medieval Oil and just dot it right on top of your blemish and then clutch the sink as the pain will sear through your face.

It works, people. It works.

I’m just on this health kick lately. I don’t know if it’s proven, but there’s a lot of thought that if you rub Medieval Oil into the soles of your feet like at night before you go to bed, it does a lot to really boost the immune system. I do it when I’m sick. I’ve been doing it all week.

The feel of flames.

Flames on the side of my face, heaving, breathless, heaving breathes, heaving.