No reason to worry

In the present moment, there is no fear. In the present moment, there’s no pain. In the moment, I have what I need and I’m taken care of but when I start to freak out about, ‘Wait but what happens when .. what happens after this year’s over? What happens when I move out of this apartment and what happens when I no longer have so-and-so or such and such.’ That’s when the pain and the fear and the freaking out starts to come and the anxiety. It just creates more and more and more anxiety.

In all of these situations, if you just take it a day at a time, then you might find by the time you get to that later date, you can just worry about getting through that day on that day. You’ll get through that day swimmingly or maybe on that day you’ll have to compromise but the next day is a new day. You can just get on with it. If you’re setting up your life like dominoes or like a house of cards, you’re building it up in your mind to be his huge obstacle that is going to defeat you when you get there.

That’s the one thing. Just take it a day at a time. If you’re vegan today, great. Stay vegan today and do what you can tomorrow. Lastly, you have to eat whatever the catering haul brings you, great. I’m going to guess the catering haul is only serving animals because they think that’s what everyone wants. You know what? You’ll make it through.

The thing to say in this instance is, “Can you just make the vegetarian option vegan? Because people do need a vegetarian option. If it’s vegan, then everybody’s satisfied.”

The same thing goes with your cafeteria.

The magic words to unlock the secrets of the universe, I’ve always found are … Here they are. “I need your help.” When someone approaches me like, “Hey, I need your help,” my first reaction is, “I want to be helpful. What can I do for you?”

What can I do? Exactly. That’s all I have to say about that.

If you need some inspiration or encouragement to keep going with a vegetarian diet, I recommend that you watch Vegucated. It’s free on Hulu right now to watch.

I’ve met one of the documentary subjects, a few times. She really had the same struggles many new vegans face. She has the family struggles. She has the back and forth with the, “Well, maybe it’ll just be easier for me to be vegetarian.” She really struggles with doing the right thing. It’s the right combination of inspiration and information and entertainment and reliability. I think it energizes you.

Watch Vegucated. That’s your homework. I assign that you watch Vegucated.

Forks over Knives is another good option. That one literally changed my life, too.

Don’t be hard on yourself. I know you’re doing your best. You’re amazing.