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Believe it or not, book covers make a big difference on Amazon, which I still find amazing. This is what happens when you get your book to that tipping point, and it starts to sell a lot of copies in a short space of time. Not only was it number one there on the list in direct marketing. It’s now it’s showing up in three different places on the same page. It’s a hot new release, and it’s one of the top rated books in that category. This doesn’t happen to books with bad book covers.

VictorBezrukovAndNinaMathewsAnybody coming to that page looking for book covers for the best marketing, is going to see my book covers three times, effectively being endorsed by Amazon. That generates lots and lot of sales and that’s one of the great things about the system, about getting a lot of sales in a short space of time. It leads to organic sales through Amazon it’s very powerful. Then the second case study. This is when I ran the free campaign. Okay, we’ll talk about the free campaign it’s part of the six steps that’s just one of the six steps by the way. Published in March during the free giveaway, it was downloaded 15,700 times in five days, which is pretty solid for a nonfiction book among a slew of gorgeous book covers and a book cover creator.

Now, I wasn’t building a list for this book because it’s not although I had written a book, this is the one by the way I wrote in 2004 and couldn’t get it published before I updated it and then published it on Kindle. I wasn’t building a list in this space but if you were and if you just got a 10% optin rate, you are looking at 1500 people on your list within five days. It’s really powerful. It hit the number 37 on all of Kindle so it’s up there in the Kindle top 100 as the 37th most popular free book because it competes well among the other book covers. It was a number one bestseller in four categories. Around the five day promotion and then switched … here is a slide just confirming that. You see number one in weight loss weight management.