Success is Healthy vs Healthy Success


Most of us have a picture that comes to mind when we think of our personal success. It often includes things like career, family and ownership of certain possessions such as a home or certain kind of car. Success looks like a picture perfect post card.

Is Happiness Part of Success?

If you’re sure you’ve got success handled, considered whether or not you feel a strong sense of satisfaction in your life. I’m talking about true, deep, happiness. Not the fleeting kind that comes from getting good news. I’m talking about the kind that comes from structuring your life around what’s meaningful to you. This creates a sense of satisfaction and a profound happiness that gives us strength in difficult times; that helps us feel connected to our day to day lives; and that gives our lives a sense of gratifying purpose.

I’m going to ask for a moment that you suspend everything you think you know about success and look at the 5 pillars of happiness:

  1. Security–we all need it to a certain extent (financial, emotional, physical)
  2. Variation–we get bored with too much repetition
  3. Importance–we all need to feel like we matter in one way or another
  4. Personal Growth–we thrive when we grow as people
  5. Bigger than Us–we are at our peak when the previous 5 have been met and we can contribute to or participate in something bigger than ourselves

Here’s a great video of Tony Robbins summarizing this well:

The next time you think about your success, consider those five areas of your life. How well are you fulfilling them? Because they ultimately will determine your level of fulfillment and thus your happiness. Without them, you can have all the financial success you want, but you will never be happy..

Success= Health in those five areas. Good luck!